Back to Work, School and Life

Hugely important and relevant stuff here, especially if you find yourself paralysed by fear these days.

I recently watched a fascinating video of two California emergency doctors, talking about their clinical experiences in dealing with a medical community consumed with COVID-19 these past two or three months.

The speakers were Dr. Dan Erikson and Dr. Artin Massihi of Accelerated Urgent Care in Bakersfield, CA.  Both have backgrounds in micro-biology, immunology and bio-chemistry, and “swim” in this stuff every day.

These two doctors brought viewers up-to-date on coronavirus data from around the world, so that we could reach our own conclusions on the wisdom of continuing to socially isolate. This data wasn’t available two months ago.

Quite frankly, the doctors’ comments and conclusions (based on actual data rather than a dire projected model) have prompted me to rethink keeping my healthy family in lockdown. Even though Melissa and I love having everyone home, it’s making less and less sense every day. And, I’m not talking about the food bill!

Here is a link to part one (51 mins) of their presentation, and here’s (10 min) part two.  I’m hoping you will watch and share with friends and family.  This is must-watch video.  No politics.  Just valuable medical and health information.  Given the amount of politically-motivated censorship online today, there’s no guarantee this video will remain accessible, so please watch it while you can. Google has already censored it multiple times.

After walking viewers through fresh international data on COVID-19 incidence; after addressing some of the more serious secondary consequences of sheltering stressed-out people in place (increased incidence of abuse, alcoholism, suicide); and after giving viewers a lesson on immunology basics, the doctors posed a number of insightful questions:

If sheltering in place and wearing masks flies in the face of elementary immunology and micro-biology, then why are we doing it?

If now readily-available case data doesn’t support or justify social isolation, then why are we shutting down the economy, and putting people out of work?

If we’ve never isolated or quarantined healthy people, why are we doing it now?

I’m wondering if we ought to be posing these questions to our government leaders.

Ignorance and Fear

Initial COVID-19 model assumptions were based on theory and a lot of unknowns.  Unfortunately projections were so dire that they triggered fear and panic.

Today, two or three months later, as the doctors mentioned, we now have volumes of real data to draw upon and share — data which allow us an opportunity to make significant behavioural adjustments.  With new data, shouldn’t ignorance and fear be evaporating?  Both still seem to remain, I’m guessing because the truth isn’t getting out. Big-tech isn’t letting it get out

Recovery rates from the China virus, which fall between 95 and 98% (regardless of international jurisdiction) aren’t getting press coverage.  And 90% of reported deaths are not actually due to the virus, but due to comorbidities (other more serious pre-existing conditions).  In the words of the two doctors, a very small number of “people are dying with Chinese coronavirus, but not from it.”

According to Erikson and Massihi, some hospital administrators are going so far as to insist that coroners go against their better judgement (and education) and add corona virus to their list of causes of death.  What could be an administrator’s motivation for insisting on that? COVID isn’t a cause of death anymore than the flu is a cause of death.

Also not getting press is the finding that there is no significant difference in cases reported, recovery rates and deaths in countries with lockdown vs. no lockdown.  The doctors cited current data from Sweden and Norway as examples. Norway is locked down. Sweden is pretty much wide open.

Like the Flu

We now know that current data clearly indicates that the numbers for COVID and Influenza A and B have a lot in common — cases reported, recovery rates, and extremely low and significantly similar death rates approaching zero.  In Dr. Erikson’s own words, repeated throughout his presentation, “Millions of cases … very few deaths.”

Curiously, though, when you get the flu it doesn’t result in pushing healthy people into quarantine or, as the doctors articulated, allowing some in positions of power to “dance on our constitutional rights”.

When you have the flu, you stay home.  When you’re feeling better you go back to work or school.  COVID-19 according to these experts, is apparently no different.  But, for some reason it’s being manipulated and misrepresented.

Listening to these medical authorities, you’ll not only question enforced sheltering in place, but also the effects of wearing masks and gloves on your immune system.  As the doctors emphasized, our immune systems are built by natural exposure to antigens like viruses and bacteria.  Sheltering in place lowers an immune system.  Lowered immunities followed by a sudden lifting of restrictions is a recipe for a health disaster.

Please make sure you watch the video.  Could be the best hour you invest today for your household.  I expect worthwhile discussions will follow.

Okay, so this is when I get to ask my questions …

Now that we’ve heard that coronavirus is significantly similar, but even less statistically lethal than the seasonal flu, how is this going to affect your behaviour going forward?

If there no longer exists a medical or health reason for putting people out of work, closing small businesses, yanking children out of school, and wrecking the economy, then what could be the possible motivation for not lifting restrictions?

Here in the U.S., if we look at state governors, is there a strong correlation between their political affiliations and a stubborn reluctance to begin opening up for business, while continuing to foster fear in, and severely restricting their people?

I think such a correlation exists. Let’s make sure we do something about it.

Critical patients are choosing not to come in and be treated out of fear.

Dr. Dan Erikson

What’s really sad is that irrational fear is discouraging people with more serious ongoing health matters from going to the hospital for critically-needed care.  We need to embrace and care for our most vulnerable, while reassuring them that the risks are nowhere near as initially speculated.

What’s really sad is that so many people are out of work, and so many families have reached the end of their resources.  While we need to get business up and running quickly and safely, we also need to help those in crisis now.

What’s really sad is that small businesses are shuttered, but big ones are not. Neither need to be..

What’s really sad is that the secondary effects of socially isolating frustrated and anxiety-ridden families is increased incidence of spousal abuse, child molestation, alcholism, pornography, and suicide.  As the doctors pointed out, these are effects that have lifelong consequences, not just for the term of a short seasonal sickness.

The role of government is to protect our God-given rights, not to “dance on them” for political gain or control.  When governments act in ways that go against the good of the people, then what ought the people do?

It’s time to end this social isolation, irrational masking and get on with life.  I’m ready.  Are you?

Blessings on your home,


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