At my house, values are everything.

Values are those critical beliefs which guide us in choosing one way over another. They spring from one’s worldview. I hold a biblical worldview, so my core values (below) reflect moral and relational precepts found in God’s word. That makes them timeless and pan-cultural.

In relationships, values are especially important, for they influence how we do relationships: if we marry; who we marry; how we behave before and within marriage; how we raise our children; and how we order our lives.

Here are the values I strive to live by, and that guide this blog …

  • God’s design for the family is grounded in His Word, not in the imagination of man.
  • God’s design for humanity involves two unique, complementary and unchangeable genders, both of which equally bear His Image.
  • God’s design for marriage is a lifelong covenant between one man and one woman. Any other configuration is counterfeit and unhealthy.
  • God’s design for the family is headed by a husband and father whose love is demonstrated by how he lives.
  • God’s design for sexual expression is solely within the context of marriage.
  • God’s design for the family recognizes that parenting is less of a right than it is a privilege, high responsibility and blessing from the hand of our Creator.
  • God’s Word affirms that children, born or yet unborn, are precious gifts of inestimable value. Abortion is baby murder, and is emotionally traumatic to women.
  • God’s word teaches that homosexual behavior is a violation of God’s moral law. Research also confirms it is a form of gender brokenness, and when unwanted, is changeable through various clinical and ministry interventions.
  • Cohabitation between opposite or same gender individuals are neither components of God’s design for singleness, nor do they reflect his design for marriage.
  • When we fall short of God’s design, by His mercy and grace, God promises to restore those who genuinely turn to Him and seek His forgiveness.