Everyman’s Guide to Woke Terminology

The left thrives by keeping Americans divided, dependent and angry.”

Daily Signal

For some of my more sensitive or battle-weary readers, this will seem like a bit of a rant. I do this two or three times a year, just to get it out of my system.

As I mentioned in my original blog article, “The Road Ahead“, anything that affects the family is fair game and important. Sadly, many life categories have been wrongly politicised — marriage, sexuality, gender and health care to name just three.

Since some words no longer mean what they used to, and some commonly-used expressions can be misleading, I wanted to offer some clarification. Here’s my spin on thirty-seven terms embraced by the left.

Black Lives Matter:  A Marxist, anti-family, and anti-law-and-order terrorist organisation. While it has a pleasant sounding name, BLM seems intent upon destabilising the family, destabilising communities, and destabilising the country. Please don’t confuse it with a civil rights organisation. It is not. Every life is precious to God, so All Lives Matter.

Climate Change:  A manufactured crisis. Weather changes, but has any evidence yet surfaced that climate does? A growing number of Ph.D’s consider the “climate change” movement a cult, and others call it “intellectual garbage”, given its level of hysteria, combined with a lack of any evidence to support the concept. The lie became obvious when the terminology shifted from “global warming”.

COVID 19:  Also known as the China Flu or the CCP Virus. A perfectly-timed seasonal flu for whipping up irrational fear, and opening the door to liberty-stealing government overreach.

De-platformed:  Censored. Censorship is often a sign of fear and weakness.

Diversity & Inclusion:  Run the other way if you see both of these words in the same sentence! Neither is a virtue, but together they become dangerously deceptive dance partners.

Equity: Socialist control.

Fact-Checkers:  Censors. Leftist opinion-promoters.

Fetus: A depersonalising noun. More correctly, a precious baby girl or boy. An endangered species in many jurisdictions, especially poor neighbourhoods where abortion mills prefer to locate.

“Follow the science”:  Follow our politically-motivated falsehoods.

Gun Control:  Firearms confiscation.

Hate Speech:  Name calling + censorship combined. Any communication in opposition to the left’s narratives qualifies.

Health Care:  Misnomer. Central control over peoples’ personal care and private information.

Homophobic:  Name calling. Anyone in favour of clinically-healthy and biblically-affirmed sexual behaviour, or opposed to counterfeit marriage.

Human Rights:  LGBT special rights is often what’s beneath this term when used by the left. Lists of legitimate human rights should never ever include learned bedroom behaviour.

Identity:  Behaviour.

Immigration:  Free flow of future lefty voters across borders regardless of merit or intention.

Insurrection:  A mostly peaceful protest.

Mask: A symbol of submission to leftist government tyranny. Do not comply. Commit to never wearing one ever again, anywhere. It’s okay.

Misinformation:  Truth or facts.

Mostly Peaceful Protest:  Out-of-control mob violence.

My body, my choice“:  When a woman says this, it is sometimes referring to another unique and precious baby body within the woman’s own body. That makes two bodies, not one, and only one is hers.

“Our algorithm shows …”: Big Tech speak for censored.

Parents:  Pesky opposite gender obstacles who sometimes stand in the way of indoctrinating the next generation in government schools.

Patriarchy:  Household rightly headed by a husband and father whose love is demonstrated by how he lives.

Pride:  Affinity group theme of those who struggle with same-sex attraction or gender confusion.

Racist:  Name-calling. An attempt at race-baiting, designed to shut down conversation or action. I think folks are getting really tired of this one.

Sexual Orientation:  A politically-manufactured term that “air brushes” deviant, unnatural and unhealthy sexual behaviour.  Not so much an “orientation”, as it is a highly-treatable developmental gender disorder. Lot’s of clinical history on this subject before activists took over the APA.

Science Political science, not to be confused with the misplaced empirical variety.

Terrorists:  Name-calling. Mothers and fathers who are highly-invested in their children, and who are increasingly holding school boards accountable.

They: Third person plural pronoun. Grammatically incorrect when used in lieu of he or she. There is no English third person singular neutral pronoun, because there are no non-male or non-female humans. God designed gender in only two varieties, and both are fixed for life. Vive la difference!

Tolerance: A one-way-only virtue of the left. They want you to tolerate their peculiar ideas, but have no time to listen to reason. Until recent years, tolerance meant honouring the immutable aspects of personhood, but now the left is twisting the meaning to include any beliefs and all behaviours. Don’t feel guilty. Go ahead and be intolerant, because some things are just stupid.

Trans Woman:  A gender-confused human male who may or may not have undergone surgical mutilation and remains 100% male in every cell of his body. Compassion and therapy are the best approaches. In the meantime, keep him out of ladies bathrooms and girls’ competitive sports. Please see “Bigger Than Pronouns“.

Trans Dude:  A gender-confused human female who may or may not have undergone surgical mutilation, and remains 100% female in every cell of her body. Compassion and therapy are the best solutions.

“Until it’s safe”:  Never.

Vaccine (COVID):  Experimental injectable substance with seriously questionable efficacy and safety.

“Violated our Community Standards”:  Censored. Often articulated by members of “Big Tech”, this would pertain to truth or facts that expose the left’s nutzoid narratives. Usually motivated by fear.

Voter Suppression: A lie. Election integrity through voter ID’s to ensure every vote is a legal vote (and to ensure no more cheating next time around.)

White Supremacist:  Name-calling. Messiah-follower, Christ-follower, Christian, Conservative Jew or anyone wanting to do the right thing for the right reason.

What have I forgotten? Comments welcomed below. Share as you see fit (buttons below).

Blessings on your homes,


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