Left Jab

After much consideration, I’m recommending people within my modest sphere of influence take a pass on the controversial vaccines that are being pushed by the political left.  Lots of ethical and health rationale listed below.

Before I launch into my reasons, I wanted to pose a question:  Regardless of one’s political perspective, shouldn’t everyone be searching for the truth if we’re thinking of injecting something into our bodies?

1 The largest experiment in human history

Here in the U.S. there are three experimental vaccines utilising two genetic-based technologies.  None are FDA licenced and none have received full FDA approval.  There is insufficient testing data for the FDA to render a final approval.  All three have been rushed to market under the Emergency Use Authorisation (EUA).  Inherent in that process is an absence of clinical data to support the lofty expectations of those lined up to voluntarily take the jab.  Frankly, I’m not comfortable recommending anyone I care about take an experimental drug for a virus whose punch doesn’t justify the risk.

This is the largest clinical experiment ever conducted on human beings.”

Dr. Robert Malone, inventor of the mRNA vaccine

2 Political Coercion

Like irrational masking mandates and destructive lockdowns, why is getting vaccinated pushed primarily by the left?  Can you feel the momentum to make these shots mandatory?  

Let’s be clear — coercion is not allowed under U.S. law for any drug that falls under the EUA.  You can’t be pressured to take the vaccine.  The law requires that medical experimentation be entered into voluntarily and of one’s own free will.

The first step in protecting your rights is knowing them.  I recommend my U.S. blog visitors review their rights by reading Liberty Counsel’s excellent “Memo on COVID Vaccination Mandates”.  It contains information you need to know, and that I’m guessing you won’t hear about on Chicken Noodle News or any of the other state-run propaganda media.

3 What you don’t know might hurt you

Part of our job is to gather informed consent. With these vaccine trials, they’re not offering informed consent!”

Sarah Absher, Registered Nurse

In the Pharmaceutical industry, disclosure is the law.  You see it in those annoying TV ads for mass-marketed drugs that assert 15 seconds of benefits, followed by 45 agonising seconds of potential side effects and risks, voiced over pleasant life scenes and soothing music.  Even low probability health risks must be disclosed.

Shockingly, at least until very recently, we haven’t seen that required level of disclosure with these three experimental “vaccines”.

In drug development, a substance is assumed to be toxic until it’s proven not to be toxic … The data bases that are supposed to capture the adverse events are a train wreck.”

Dr. Robert Malone

Instead of full disclosure, some in the medical community have substituted their own vaccine talking points, in order to allay fears.  Yet the government and the media continue to lie to you saying that the vaccines are safe and effective.

4 These vaccines may be dangerous to your health

The vaccines were justifiably fast-tracked by the previous administration to address grossly exaggerated risks of the CCP virus (COVID 19).  Now that international virus data is known to be similar to, and no more lethal than the seasonal flu (ie. nothing to be feared), is there a chance that the experimental drugs could potentially be riskier than the virus they were intended to target for some people?

Robert Malone, the inventor of the mRNA vaccine, says that the native spike protein is known to be cito-toxic, and is known to open the blood-brain barrier, and is probably responsible for the blood clotting in the brain already noted in far too many people.

All of the vaccine candidates have problems … all seem to have clotting problems … 99% of the deaths in 2021 (according to VAERS data base) were healthy people just coming in for a COVID shot”.

Dr. Simone Gold, founder of America’s Frontline Doctors

5 Why do we need riskier experimental vaccines if early treatment works?

We might not.  Over 300 clinical studies now show that early (non-vaccine) treatment works.  Hydroxachloraquine (HCQ) + zinc is clinically documented to be effective when used prophylactically or when used early. A number of international organisations are also raising awareness about the effectiveness of Ivermectin as an inexpensive treatment for COVID-19. The vaccines have no such track record.

Parting Thoughts

  • The state doesn’t own your body.  Your private health decisions belong to you and your doctor.
  • An experimental vaccine cannot be mandated, but that doesn’t mean the Biden administration won’t try.
  • Push back hard on government tyranny.  Both science and the law are being ignored by those pushing hardest for the vaccines.  Masks don’t work, lockdowns are problematic, but early treatments of the virus are clinically proven to work.  Some governments are lying to you about all three of these subjects, while Big-Tech continues to censor information that conflicts with the left’s narrative.
  • So sad, but health care decisions are temporarily polluted by politics here in the U.S. The left excels at name-calling, lying, and dividing Americans, and has proven itself no longer trustworthy.  Pursue truth and keep standing up for it no matter what.

Awesome Resources

America’s Frontline Doctors (AFLDS)

Previous COVID-related posts …

Watch out for the left jab.  In the ring, it tends to catch opponents by surprise.  Outside of the turnbuckles, left jabs are requested, but can hurt many well-meaning folks whom they were intended to help.

Make your own informed decision, but please get equipped on your legal rights and the scientific facts.

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Blessings on your home,


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