Peace in the Home is a pleasant sounding concept, but it is so much more than that.

Peace in the Home is derived from the Hebrew, “shalom bayit” — an overarching model for the home rooted in ancient Hebrew scripture (Torah), supported throughout the Greek New Testament, and expanded in Jewish Rabbinic literature.

Peace in the Home isn’t about a lack of conflict.  It’s bigger than that. Rather, it is God’s blueprint for the home — how it is structured, and how it works best.

Psalm 128 paints a beautiful botanical picture of peace in the home:  It starts with a husband and father who has a genuine relationship with God (v. 1). Blessing overflows to his work (v. 2), and then to his wife (fruitful vine v. 3a), and then to their children (olive shoots v. 3b), the community (v. 5) at large, and eventually to their grandchildren and the nation (v. 6).

Robert Partington

Robert Partington is a husband, father, speaker, group facilitator, counselor, writer and legal immigrant, with a background in broadcasting and management consulting.  He is the founder and former executive director of Peace in the Home, Inc. — a family organisation dedicated to strengthening marriages and equipping parents.

A graduate of Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, Robert holds Master of Divinity and Master of Arts in Counseling degrees.  While at GCTS, Robert took an academic interest in the etiology of male effeminacy and the clinical history of gender disorders, in particular male homosexuality.

Robert counsels distressed married couples (husbands and wives), singles preparing for an amazing, God-honouring marriage, and men struggling with sexual addictions.

With his wife, Melissa, Robert speaks at marriage retreats, parenting workshops, and support gatherings for single mums and dads.

In addition to writing blog articles on healthy relationships, Robert has preached at churches in Virginia, North Carolina and Massachusetts.

(If you are visiting this site for the first time, please read the springboard article, “The Road Ahead” which explains Robert’s motivation for blogging.)

(If you would like Robert to speak at your event, please use the contact form in the menu above.)

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