Land stolen, now draped in thick darkness,
In spite of new bright daylight hours;
Patriot hearts stilled mourning the darkness,
Hopes frustrated, outlooks now soured.

Left staged a prolonged, stiff resistance
Used name-calling, lies and deceit;
Whatever it took, mob resistance
Toppled good, by way of a cheat.

Fake news and big tech are now allies
With government, it's really quite strange;
Go forth as oligarch allies,
Unaware of their shared new derange.

Free speech can no longer be valued;
De-platformed when truth's on the line;
Disagreement is even not valued,
Called "hate speech", do let me remind.

To me, this feels sort of like whiplash,
These ninety-plus days of pure hell;
A fraudulent lefty-planned whiplash,
Unexpectedly shocking bombshell.

So, what will it take, all good people?
When will your limit be reached?
What will it take to stand, people
Whose land has been evilly breached?

For your entertainment, here is a non-poetic piece on election integrity from my favourite “fake news you can trust” site, the Babylon Bee.

Blessings on your home,


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