Ballots and Beliefs

This post is addressed to my American readers of voting age who profess a faith in Jesus Christ.  If you don’t hold a biblical worldview, then what follows might not make a lot of sense. If you are a citizen of another country, then perhaps you can draw some parallels.

I want to be faithful in all parts of my life. Given my natural brokenness and passionate temperament, I stumble time and again, yet God’s grace encourages me to persevere and stand for biblical values. Voting is just one way to do that.

Readers of my first post, “The Road Ahead”, will know that I am not a fan of compartmentalised living.  Instead, I believe that a life lived to its fullest is one of complex integration — where a biblical faith is apparent and active in every context.  So, we probably can’t do one thing on a Sunday, and then quite another on election Tuesday.

Some families have one-party political affiliations dating back generations.  For a believer, I’m thinking those traditions now ought to give way to the party platform that represents the least tension with the Word of God.  Part of living our values is voting our values.

Bottom Line

My wife is going to discourage me from being this direct, but I feel the need to be clear: No genuine Christ-follower or Conservative Jew can, in good conscience, justify voting for the current platform of the Democratic Party. For maybe the first time ever, there really is only one choice for true believers.

The issues make that abundantly clear …

One party’s stance on baby murder, counterfeit marriage, eroding parental rights, suppressing religious liberty, fueling racial division, adopting Marxist philosophy, worshipping the creation, and dismantling God’s design for the family are all incompatible with a biblical worldview.

Notice it’s not about the economy.  Certainly, there are always important economic issues at stake in elections, but this post is more about morality — the future of the family and the future of this great nation.

When the stock market falls, some of our favourite stocks go on sale. When the family falls, we’re all done.

Donald Trump

Regardless of where you stand on his “style”, Donald Trump has proven himself a champion for people of faith.  Here are some of the reasons why …

  1. He is the most pro-life president the U.S. has ever had.  His first accomplishment (Mexico City Policy) on his first week on the job proved that, and he has been consistent ever since.   In the early church, rescuing exposed babies (set out to die) was one of the many actions that set apart early believers from the culture of the Roman Empire.
  2. Our President holds an unwavering and increasing commitment to religious freedom — domestically and internationally.  The Trump administration takes very seriously the worldwide persecution of all faith minorities.
  3. Courage.  “He’s a fighter who just won’t quit” (Robert Jeffress).  He fights for what is right, rather than for what is popular. Donald Trump has survived more unfair and disrespectful attacks from the left than I speculate any other leader could bear.  Courage under pressure is a rarity in our world, and a sought-after quality in any leader.
  4. He is pro-business and pro-growth, both of which contribute to creating meaningful work for more people, which helps to create more secure and stable homes and vibrant communities.
  5. Integrity.  Donald Trump is a man of his word.  He’s a promise-keeper.  I’m thankful he is a businessman and not a politician.  He says in advance what he will do, and he does it.
  6. Trump supports the nation of Israel — the historical root stock and birthplace of Christianity.  He alone followed through on the popular perennial promise to relocate the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem — the centre of the universe for Judaism and Christianity, and he fights anti-semitism here in the U.S.
  7. As a proud nationalist, Trump combats the globalist agenda which is so destructive of human life, marriage, families, race relations, human freedoms and western civilization.
  8. Diligence.  White House staff will tell you that Donald Trump is a tireless worker who puts in long days in order to accomplish results for all Americans.  He doesn’t need the money or the hassle, but he puts in the work.
  9. Here at home, the Trump administration supports “School Choice” which neutralises opportunities for the left to use government schools to indoctrinate our children and erode parental rights.  This election is very much about parental rights.
  10. Our President nominates pro-life, pro-family and pro-constitution justices to the U.S. Supreme Court. This helps to ensure that the left doesn’t prolong their habit of using the Supreme Court to circumvent Congress to accomplish their unhinged goals.
  11. He acknowledges his own brokenness and need of a saviour, and has surrounded himself with genuine people of faith to help him do the right things for the right reasons.

Wolves and Sheep

When major elections roll around, politicians often attempt to widen their eleventh hour appeal to Evangelical or Catholic voters, by making sure the press covers them visiting places of worship or making statements that sound spiritual.  Don’t be fooled by such efforts when they fly-in-the-face of counter-biblical party platforms.  Politicians aren’t above misleading the public in order to gain power.

Voting is one of our earthly responsibilities and privileges.  By making a choice that is consistent with our faith, we get to make a personal stand for righteousness in our everyday lives.

Hugely important election here in the U.S. Please vote … if possible, in person.

Here are some FRC resources to help you vote your values.

Party Platform Comparison

Voter Guides

Please share this post with your brothers and sisters in Christ.

Blessings on your home,


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